Welcome to a dieing world…

It was a twilight age when civilization drew shuddering breaths and the suns grew dim. As the Manachaean Empire let loose their Parliament of Dragons to wage bloody crusade, and the Y’tll Theocracy unsealed the Vaults of the Deathless, that the Hungry Forest men call Morfarsing threatened to consume the world. Nations without number fed the Crawling Forest, driving tribes of scattered, desperate, and mad barbarians in a great tide eastward to come crashing down on the unsuspecting. Under the shadow of forces wild and untamed the jeweled kingdoms edging the Wierdling Wastes have begun to fall, their peaceful serenity shattered.

In the land of Coventry, land hard won from the tyrant Witch-Queens in ancient days, the servants of the Bastard King Arendal are hard pressed as marauders sweep in from the Wastes, threatening a spread of plague and violence. Trade has stopped from the far off Guilds of Permot, travelers muttering of the encroaching Hungry Wood coming to their door. Crusaders and cultists of the southern empires fight in the streets with missionary zeal, uniting only to put their pagan rivals to the torch. Barbarians and highwaymen haunt the roads betwixt the villages, while worse things haunt the wild places. Beset by troubles on all sides, the people cast about for champions, heroes echoing those from the sagas.

Oroboros Rising

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