It was a crumbling age, when Chaos and Law threatened to tear the world asunder!

It is said that a King with too many heirs is as cursed as one with too few: this is especially true of the royal family of Oroboros. To keep the in-fighting to a minimum, the King has sent his children out to the borders of his kingdom to found their own, hinting that whomever is the most successful shall have his seat when he is gone. Meanwhile Chaos moves in the world, ever eating away at it’s edges.

The Free Cites of the Periphery feel the growing threat of both. To the north east the Exiled Princess Lamasara has conquered the Cities of Glass and Jet. The north west is slowly being covered by the hungry woodlands of Morfairsing, creating a diaspora of Elves into human lands the likes of which have never been seen. Missionaries of Chaos vie for the people’s faith just as Crusaders of Law threaten to put heretics and heathens to the sword; the old blood gods lurk in the woods and alleys, driving their servants to ever greater acts of depravity. The remaining Free Cities of the Covenant and the Witchlanders struggle to keep their independence in the south, leaving settlers and travelers to struggle alone in the face of raiding barbarians, bandits, and worse. Forgotten by her neighbors waits the ruined city of Black Corinth, devoured a century ago by the carnivorous woodlands, slowly coming back to life with new residents…

Oroboros Rising

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